"Wait on the Lord"

Waiting on the Lord as we are so often admonished to do in the Bible refers to an attitude of thought and life rather than to a time sense. Truth does not become apparent to us through the mere passage of time, but from a sincere effort to live in accord with God's law and a patient willingness to learn from experience. The process of yielding to the transforming power of Truth and Love is one way of interpreting the phrase, "Wait on the Lord" (Ps. 27:14).

This transformation does require patience and humility, and it may take time to ripen thought for a forward step; but the essence of such progress is found in the yielding of the human to the divine. Jesus' tremendous accomplishment in a short span of time showed the possibility of the full demonstration of the divine nature. All of us can follow him in the measure of our ability to assimilate the truth and to demonstrate it.

January 29, 1966

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