Righteousness Provides Safety

"What am I to receive for being good? What is good? what is righteousness?" Such questions reveal an ignorance of God, an ignorance of divine good and its rewarding and protecting laws. Christ Jesus, the Son of God, who came to teach men righteousness, must have found such conditions of thought, which caused him to say (John 17:25), "O righteous Father, the world hath not known thee."

Righteousness is of God. Acquaintance with God brings it to human view. It is the reflection of good, God. To be righteous is to be Godlike in all our ways. To be Godlike is to express God's intelligence, His goodness, His love. The mind of one who chooses good and rejects evil becomes filled with good, becomes pure, Godlike. Goodness is transparent. Through it one sees God, man's divine source of good. If one chooses evil, it blinds him to God, shuts out God's goodness from his experience.

Claiming Our Spiritual Abundance
January 29, 1966

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