My mother had been operated...

My mother had been operated on for cancer, and the physician who attended her told her that another operation was necessary. However, he held very little hope for her recovery. It was at this point that a friend called on my mother and recommended that she try Christian Science.

After this dear one left our home, my mother asked me to call a Christian Science practitioner for her. This I did. The man paid one visit to our home. He asked for our copy of the Bible and read passages to my mother. After he left, Mother said that she felt very uncomfortable lying in bed and asked to be helped up into a chair. While she was sitting there, she wanted to know what my sister was cooking for supper because the odor from the kitchen was so tempting. Mother ate a hearty meal that evening, had a peaceful, restful night, and from that day on was perfectly free from the disease.

Testimony of Healing
Instantaneous healing through...
June 20, 1964

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