Words, Words, Words

[Of Special Interest to Juniors]

From the time a teen-ager gets out of bed in the morning until he becomes drowsy over his homework assignments at night, he sees, hears, writes, thinks, and speaks words. The words he chooses in order to express himself will give definite clues of who or what is on his mind, whether it be a history assignment, fallout shelters, a school dance, or a new friend. If in the course of a conversation the name of a classmate is brought up and a teenager frequently uses such words as "terrible," "stupid," "boring," it is plain that he is having inharmonious thoughts about another. But other words selected reveal much about his sincerity, loving concern, and thoughtfulness.

A Christian Scientist's choice of words shows not only what is in his mind but what he is acknowledging as Mind. Circulation of gossip is an expression of mortal mind, or belief of mind in matter, from which emanates ungracious and critical thinking. The Hebrew Lawgiver said very plainly (Lev. 19:16), "Thou shalt not go up and down as a talebearer among thy people." An alert student of Christian Science neither listens to nor relays gossip. Instead, he claims in his own consciousness that the real man, God's image, reflecting Love, is faultless, as Christian Science teaches.

Choosing That Which Is Valuable
February 16, 1963

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