"A boundless basis"

If we accepted what our material senses tell us of the bounds of life, our outlook would be unbearably limited. Happily, men have looked beyond these limits and have expanded their knowledge and experience. New information, new vistas, new developments of the natural sciences continue to push back the horizons of primitive mortal thought. But as long as matter is considered the basis of expansion, limitations will continue and will remain difficult to surmount.

Christian Science gives an entirely different basis of expansion. It reveals God, infinite Mind, as the basis of all real being; and this replaces the concept of man as mortal, captive to material environment, with that of divine idea, dwelling in the universe of ever-unfolding Mind. Mind's ideas are spiritual and incorporeal, not confined in space, not limited by matter, not acting in time, not threatened by deterioration or death.

Did I Really Pray?
August 11, 1962

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