I had the privileges of being...

I had the privileges of being reared by parents who were students of Christian Science and of attending the Christian Science Sunday School. During my early years I had many proofs of God's care. Some of those that I experienced were healings of warts, so-called children's diseases, a skin irritation, and blood poisoning. I also was protected in various epidemics during my school years. Many of these healings were brought about by my own understanding, while others came through the help of a practitioner.

However, there is one healing which I should like to write of at this time which to me was outstanding. One day during my last year of high school, about a month before the June examinations, I had great difficulty in walking, and it was necessary for me to go to bed. I rested and tried to know the truth of the situation as I had been taught to know it in the Sunday School, and I had the prayerful help of my family. After a week it was necessary, in accordance with the school law, to have a physician diagnose the case. The doctor came and declared that I had inflammatory rheumatism of the legs and that the very best he could promise me was that I would have to stay in bed for at least six weeks.

Testimony of Healing
Through the many years of my...
April 14, 1962

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