Spiritual Radiation

In the midst of the world's fear of radioactive fallout from atomic weapon tests, Christian Science brings peace of mind. Not that this religion promotes a kind of fool's paradise in which danger is ignored; but it has something higher than material means with which to combat and protect people from destructive force—something divine and trustworthy. This something is spiritual radiation, the energy of divine Mind, God, the potential of which is scarcely imagined by the world.

Christian Science explains this potential and teaches mankind how to grasp and utilize invisible spiritual power. It shows that security lies in the realization that divine Mind is one Ego and that man and the universe emanate from Mind. Mary Baker Eddy says in "Unity of Good" (p. 51), "The Ego is divine consciousness, eternally radiating throughout all space in the idea of God, good, and not of His opposite, evil." The Ego, being Mind, includes its own idea as well as the atmosphere in which that idea lives.

"Whom Satan hath bound"
October 27, 1962

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