God the Great Performer

[The following Christian Science program of the above title was presented on Sunday, November 5, over the Columbia Broadcasting System "Church of the Air." The speaker was Harold Rogers.]

In these turbulent times many people may feel that their lives are controlled by fatalistic forces, that they are being carried along on a predestined flood of suffering or destruction. Some of them may resist this uneasy feeling. Others may believe that evil is somehow God-sent or God-sanctioned and that they should therefore have the good grace to accept their troubles with resignation.

But there is no truth in any of this. If God sent evil, then Christ Jesus, the master Christian, would have accepted evil as part of God's will for His children. Yet Jesus did not resign himself to evil in any form, however aggressive, fatalistic, or incurable it appeared to be. To the leper who came to him for healing he did not say, "Be resigned, my son, to the will of God." but, "Be thou clean" (Matt. 8:3). And immediately the man was cleansed. To the sinful woman who washed his feet with tears he said (Luke 7:48), "Thy sins are forgiven," and she was redeemed.

Teaching the Scriptures
November 18, 1961

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