For more than fifty years I have...

For more than fifty years I have had the benefit of Christian Science. One proof of its healing efficacy came at a time when my husband and I were with a group on a picnic, and suddenly my right arm became almost useless. I was filled with fear when I thought what this might mean. However, recalling what Christian Science had previously done for me and my family, I had reason to believe that it could help me now. Nothing was said to the others in the party, only two of whom were Scientists, and no one noticed my plight.

Soon it was time for us to return, and I walked ahead with my husband as we were going back to our cars. I told him about the difficulty, and we declared the truth of God's allness and omniaction, of man's inseparability from God as actually His idea, and of error's powerlessness to affect a spiritual idea. We held to these truths all through the evening and whenever I was awake during the night, which was often. In the morning there was improvement, and before the day was over the arm was normal.

Testimony of Healing
Christian Science was brought...
November 18, 1961

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