In all his healings of moral and physical infirmities Christ Jesus was teaching that man is intact, untouched and unimpaired by the flesh and its weaknesses and distortions. The Master saw the flesh as a mental veil that hides the sons of God, the perfect offspring of divine Love. He said (John 6:63), "The flesh profiteth nothing." And he proved this statement fully in the ascension, when he put off the corporeal senses, which claim to place the flimsy veil of matter between God and His children.

Christian Science brings the Christly power that rends the veil of flesh and reveals man in all his nobility as the spiritual son of the one parent Mind. And nothing but Christliness will ever rend that veil and demonstrate the health and sinlessness of man, made in the image of God. In Science, man is Love's own expression and is forever in conformity with Christ; his nature is flawless, immaculate. This knowledge loved and lived destroys the ignorant belief that man is a mortal and the opposite of all that comprises the divine likeness.

Church Dedications
August 22, 1959

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