Several years ago I was traveling...

Several years ago I was traveling by ship from Australia to England. One night on going to bed I became aware of a slight pain in one foot. But instead of being quick to reject this suggestion of discord, as I had been taught to do in the Christian Science Sunday School, I did nothing about it and went to sleep. However, when I awoke the following morning, the pain had become worse, so much so that hardly any weight could be placed on the foot.

I sat up in bed and declared some of the truths that I had learned in Sunday School, including the truth of my relationship to God as His perfect child and harmonious expression. Also I recalled a helpful illustration which had been given in the Sunday School class to show that man as God's reflection is incorporeal. It was this: If one were to stand on a pair of scales before a mirror, the reflection in the mirror could not add any weight to the scales. So I reasoned that, as God's reflection, nothing could be added to my true being, which is not in matter, but in Spirit. Pain or limitation is not known to the reflection of Love.

Mrs. Eddy Mentioned Them
Rev. Nathaniel Bouton, 1799–1878
May 25, 1957

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