The ever-availability and constancy of God's goodness were taught by our great Way-shower. Through the study of the words and works of Christ Jesus, as recorded in the Bible, we learn that God is the infinite giver. God is divine Love, and spiritual man, made in God's likeness, is capable of receiving the good that Love gives. Sickness, disease, and lack can be eliminated from human experience through our understanding of these fundamental truths concerning the nature of God as Love and through a realization that God's idea, the real man, receives the good Love imparts. Therefore man's ability, right activity, health, harmony, and freedom are divinely bestowed.

However, from a human standpoint all sorts of opinions and beliefs concerning our activities, including the cause, cure, and prevention of sickness, would, if accepted, seem to interfere with our receiving the good that Love imparts. These opinions are put forth in advertisements of material remedies and in various other ways. For example, we hear a good deal of sympathetic diagnosis: such well-meaning remarks as, "It must have been something you ate that upset you"; or, "You must have been sitting in a draft"; or again, "You are probably suffering because you eat your meals at such irregular intervals." Then too it is so easy to feel that we are being kind and loving to a friend or relative or a coworker by saying, "I guess you've been working too hard, too long, or too late."

January 12, 1957

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