"Don't forget the ease that prayer brings." These words appeared toward the end of an article in a recent business magazine telling how to get good sleep without taking pills. The writer, on reading these words, was reminded of the many times when sleep had seemed impossible to her. On these occasions she always turned thought confidently to God in prayer, and in a very short time found herself quiet, truly resting in God's love, the sweetest rest one can know. In the morning she discovered that she had slept well all night and had awakened with a freshness and a vigor greater than usual.

Such can be the experience of all who turn confidently to God. The eternal Father-Mother of all is not afar off, but ever present, ever loving, ever protecting His child. When one turns assuredly to divine Love for help, one is praying in the most natural way possible, and a natural result follows. If sleep is needed, sleep will come; if awakening is needed, that will come. It is tension that claims to ward off sleep, but what is tension but the supposititious result of unaccountable and unreasonable fears?

October 20, 1956

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