Christian Science properly understood and sincerely applied breaks every limitation known to mortals and reveals the ever present and abundant resources of God, which are available to all. Occasionally an individual finds his thought troubled by what he considers to be his insufficient income, or his failing business, or his limited education, environment, or opportunities. He may feel burdened by the care of a relative or by the discouraging evidence that his body is confined to a bed; or he may feel that he is held in bondage by some objectionable habit.

These are problems common to mankind, and they can be met manfully and confidently with the truths of Christian Science. But the purpose of our work must be greater than that of solving an immediate problem of limitation. Jesus' work in the tomb was not carried on merely to restore life to a material body. His object was to prove to mankind that Life is deathless and spiritual. In fact, Jesus proved to all men that neither death nor so-called material existence has anything to do with man's real being as a son of God. And he assured us that we too will reflect the perfection, completeness, and fullness of divine Love if we follow in his footsteps.

March 19, 1955

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