[Of Special Interest to Young People]

Just why is purity something to be desired, something to be valued? By purity we mean pure thinking—unadulterated, spiritual thinking. Nothing could be more practical or helpful in daily life. Pure thinking opens the way for healing and for true satisfaction and enjoyment. When we understand the importance of purity and how to gain and maintain it, the results are seen in a greater sense of individual peace, happier associations, and better health. And equally important, we are able to master smoking, drinking, and other sensual habits that try to hold us in bondage. Does that seem like a lot to expect? Not when we know that the infinitely good God has provided only good for His beloved children. Our part is to listen for the pure, spiritual thoughts that come straight from God, the one infinite Mind, and let them blot out the impure, sensual suggestions that try to masquerade as our thinking.

In a warm and tender letter to one of her young students, our Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, said this (Mary Baker Eddy: A Life Size Portrait by Lyman P. Powell, 1950 edition, p. 316): "Pray daily, never miss praying, no matter how often: 'Lead me not into temptation,'—scientifically rendered,—Lead me not to lose sight of strict purity, clean pure thoughts; let all my thoughts and aims be high, unselfish, charitable, meek,—spiritually minded."

November 26, 1955

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