When one of our daughters was...

When one of our daughters was an infant she became ill with an intestinal disorder, and for several years she was under the care of physicians of broad experience and fine reputations. They were generous in their interest and care. However, they could not find a remedy, and the difficulty continued. In a moment of discouragement I expressed to a friend our disappointment. She commented, "Since you have given medical science a long, fair trial with no success, why don't you look into Christian Science? I have heard of healings through its teachings."

The mere thought of there being something else to turn to impelled me to telephone to the only Christian Scientist of whom I knew in the small community where we lived. I introduced myself and asked if I could call on her, as I thought she could be of help to us in a difficult situation. She graciously said she would be glad to have me call at my convenience. I went to her home at once and spent several hours listening to the truth, which opened up to me new avenues of thinking.

Testimony of Healing
After more than twenty years as...
October 1, 1955

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