Regardless of the tensions prevalent in the world, one can see that mankind are drawing together. An integration is taking place, and a new order is appearing. Freedom from limitation and equality of opportunity are the demands of the age. This new order is in accord with the revelation of Christian Science that there is a law of God which binds the universe of Spirit in one harmonious whole. This law is the fact of God's infinite oneness. God is One because He is All. Being All, He includes all reality. And being Mind, His creation is made up of ideas, or identities, which combine in countless relationships to manifest the nature and perpetual activity of their one source.

Christian Science unfolds the facts of spiritual oneness, and it works these facts out in practical ways. In "Unity of Good" Mary Baker Eddy presents a colloquy in which good and evil discourse. At one point good declares to evil (p. 24), "Your assumptions insist that there is more than the one Mind, more than the one God; but verily I say unto you, God is All-in-all; and you can never be outside of His oneness." Every least expression of genuine good is inseparable from God; it cannot originate apart from Him. But evil, because it is no part of God's nature, is forever outside of real existence, forever unreal. And this fact is what Science proves as it heals the sinful and suffering.

Notes from the Publishing Society
October 1, 1955

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