[Of Special Interest to Young People]

Mathematics permits no compromise with its truths. No more does the demonstration and practice of Christian Science permit error of any sort in its premise or conclusion, for it is based upon the fundamental spiritual fact of perfect God and perfect man, His forever reflection. Truth and error, perfection and imperfection, are opposites, which neither co-operate nor commingle. Truth, or perfection, is real; error, imperfection, is unreal.

In this present day, good and evil appear to have merged until there often seems to be no clear line of demarcation, but rather a blurred concept of moral and ethical standards. One who endeavors to keep his standards high and pure, one who endeavors to keep his thinking strictly in line with exact truth, may be the object of ridicule and envy. He may have to stand alone with his divine Principle many times, but he will soon find himself greatly strengthened by moral courage, and in possession of a deep and abiding peace and joy derived from Spirit.

The unadulterated truth found full expression in Christ Jesus, whose words to error were (Matt. 16:23), "Get thee behind me, Satan." Jesus knew the falsity and fraudulence of error in all it guises. He was tempted with the promise of all worldly power and material gain, yet he did not yield; for he knew that true dominion and satisfaction come through complete obedience to God alone. Because of his spiritual fortitude and constant claiming of his oneness, or unity, with the Father, he was able to cast out evils, heal the sick, and restore men to life. What greater success has ever been achieved by anyone in any age? No greater wealth can be had than "clean hands, and a pure heart" (Ps. 24:4).

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July 11, 1953

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