In the fourth chapter of Luke's Gospel it is related that on a certain occasion the Jews laid hands on Jesus to cast him down over the brow of the hill whereon their city was built. The account continues, "But he passing through the midst of them went his way." How was it that he to whom they sought to do violence was able to proceed serenely on his way? And what was this way that Jesus was able to take without let or hindrance from the enraged mob? It was the way of holiness.

In this hour of danger, with his whole ministry threatened with extinction. Jesus took no steps to defend himself materially. He did not rally his disciples to fight for him. He did not need to. He refused to be deflected from his holy purpose of demonstrating man's divine sonship or to descend to the level of the mortal dream of danger. Instead, he abode steadfastly in the truth of spiritual being. And because there was in reality no material resistance, there was no material pressure to obstruct him. Bigotry and hatred could find no mark, no fatal point of contact, in the Christ-consciousness, which Jesus manifested. It is clear that he saw no semblance of reality in the surging, angry elements of the so-called carnal mind. To his holy consciousness there were actually present only the sons and daughters of his heavenly Father, who expressed the qualities of this divine Parent.

October 24, 1953

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