Thirty-eight years ago I was a...

Thirty-eight years ago I was a critical, pessimistic agnostic. I did not know anything about God and had not found anyone who I thought knew any more about Him than I did. In my early manhood I left an orthodox church because I could not accept the scholastic theology concept of God. For many years I wandered in the wilderness of atheism, feeding on the husks of materialism; but advancing years and more mature thinking convinced me that this great universe could not happen by chance and that there must be a guiding and controlling power somewhere. For many years I searched for enlightenment as to what tills power was. I investigated religions and philosophies, but nothing brought peace of mind and lasting satisfaction.

In the meantime my physical condition was steadily deteriorating. I drank, gambled, and used tobacco excessively in all forms. Also I had chronic dyspepsia, and constipation of many years' standing, as well as a complication of conditions resulting from gall-bladder trouble. During the winter months colds, tonsillitis, bronchitis, and laryngitis made my life miserable. I took medicine almost daily and was a regular visitor at the doctor's.

Testimony of Healing
Christian Science is the only physician...
September 27, 1952

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