The following experiences have...

The following experiences have so clearly proved to me the availability of God's immediate presence, as learned through the study of Christian Science, that I should like to share them with others.

First came a healing which occurred while my children were very young. While I was putting them to bed one evening, a sharp object struck the elder child in the eye, and to all appearances the injury to the eye was alarming. My first thought was to call a practitioner, and I asked my husband to do so. He refused, declaring that a doctor was necessary and that he would try to locate one. I was at first resentful. Then I thought, Oh, if I could only call a practitioner, everything would be all right. I shall never forget the "still small voice" which said, "You have God, and God is right here." Immediately the child opened his eyes, and through the tears he had been shedding, he saw the street light outside the window and said, "Mama, the light is winking at me." All crying ceased; I put him to bed, and a few minutes later he was asleep. When my husband returned, he had not been able to locate a doctor, and it was very evident that none was needed. The child awakened in the morning perfectly free.

Testimony of Healing
When I was a small child, my...
February 9, 1952

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