Christian Science was first...

Christian Science was first brought to my attention some years ago when my father began its study. Although the blessings and healings which it brought to him did not go unnoticed by me, I did not become interested until years later when as a last resort I turned to it, seeking healing of a heart condition and nervous disorder.

Within a short time the heart trouble was healed, but the other difficulty persisted, seeming to grow worse; and I was obsessed with fear, which was magnified when I was alone. This condition continued for some time, but I clung steadfastly to the teachings of Christian Science, knowing that the truth which had already brought so many blessings into my experience would surely see me through this difficulty as well. I went about my daily office activities, progressing amazingly in my work and taking on more and more responsibility.

Testimony of Healing
I began attending a Christian Science...
January 12, 1952

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