Does a Christian Scientist demonstrate a happy marriage? It may be said that a Christian Scientist does not demonstrate material things or situations; he does not demonstrate human companionship and a mode of living. Primarily, he demonstrates, or shows forth, God's allness and perfect action. To approach any unfoldment from the standpoint of a human want and to work for the satisfaction of this desire is not scientific procedure. Husband, wife, family, material home, or human provision cannot be demonstrated. Only omnipotent goodness, everlasting Life, scientific Truth, and divine Love can be, and are therefore made manifest in our human experience.

This does not mean, however, that one keeping his thought filled with Life, Truth, and Love, companioning with divine ideas, loving universally, and realizing man's completeness because he reflects God, will be left lonely, without the shelter and warmth of home and wishing for future happiness beyond his attainment. Keeping his thought filled with Life, one is aware that man is blessed now with all the rich goodness and substance he inherits from his Father-Mother God.

Thought permeated with Truth sees purity, justice, freedom, happiness, and harmony operating in the minutiae of human affairs; and reflecting these attributes, one builds in consciousness a better sense of home. When divine Love fills every chamber of thought, hungry hopes and yearnings for heavenly bliss are satisfied. Companioning with spiritual ideas brings inspiration, joy, peace, beauty, strength, wisdom, and holiness. The individual who loves universally expresses a great sense of brotherhood, friendship of a Christlike nature, and he unites with others in that one all-important purpose—to glorify God. The one realizing that, as a spiritual idea, he is complete because he expresses God, knows that by reflection he has all and lacks nothing. Thus men and women living in the active recognition of these grand truths will see them manifested, and although this manifestation may be a happy marriage and harmonious home, these are but the outward evidence of right thought.

August 18, 1951

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