Signs of the Times

From a column byRev. John Bishop, M. A.,in the Christian WorldLondon, England

There is no flower more beautiful than the white pond lily. It is firmly rooted in the mud and slime at the bottom of the pond, but it rises above its origin like some white-robed angel. If you were to look at the seed and examine its offensive surroundings, you would declare that such a product from such a place would be impossible. But by a secret chemistry beyond our understanding it extracts from the mud a very miracle of beauty. What the lily does under the control of natural forces, can we not do under the guidance of the spirit of Christ? If instead of deploring our surroundings and saying that our failure is due to our lack of opportunity, we were to make the best use of what we have, we should begin to progress spiritually.

February 24, 1951

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