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If we are to achieve the success we desire in our studies and pursuits, we must be ready to devote all our efforts to that which brings us nearer our goal. We must put aside whatever would divert us, make the way longer, or impede our progress.

Without preparedness there is no success. A student of Christian Science, inspired by a desire to gain a clearer perception of the perfection of God and His creation, considered it his sacred duty—and one that afforded him the greatest happiness— to endeavor to demonstrate in his life what Christian Science teaches, namely, that good alone is real and true. Unexpectedly, however, he found himself confronted with difficulties. In combating these, he daily endeavored earnestly to see more clearly the true idea of God and man and to cling to it confidently, knowing that the true idea destroys false belief and brings harmony to light. The more he thought himself prepared to love God and man, the greater his isolation seemed to be. Mortal sense suggested, "The time for spiritual advancement has not yet come!" However, the tempter was unable to deceive him with this suggestion, for the student knew that to eternal and infinite Mind the mortal concept of time is unknown. He knew, too, that ever-present divine Mind reveals itself now and forever through all-inclusive perfection, wisdom, and love, and that man—hence his true spiritual selfhood—eternally reflects these qualities.

October 9, 1948

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