With rejoicing I submit this testimony...

With rejoicing I submit this testimony. I am grateful for Christian Science. It has guided and helped me to solid ground, from which I wandered in a mental morass about a dozen years ago. As I look back to the time I first heard the word Principle used in reference to God and realize how divine Love cared for me in my distress, I am more grateful than I can put into words.

There have been many trials, and I have had many healings from learning to trust God, divine Love, more and from the understanding that only good unfolds. The desire for intoxicants and tobacco disappeared early in my study. A turbulent and contentious disposition that seemed continually to be involved in controversies of one kind or another has been replaced with a kindlier attitude. Obligations that appeared to be beyond my ability to meet have been met and discharged. Human relationships have been enriched, and though I encountered "the shadow of death" in the passing of a dear companion, the Comforter, Christian Science, has been with me. Anguish of body and heart has been healed through my understanding of the permanence of God's spiritual creation and His character as revealed by our Leader, Mrs. Eddy. With the perception that "the loveliness of Love is all around" (Hymnal, No. 64), life has now taken on a new aspect for me.

Testimony of Healing
The teachings of Christian Science,...
August 23, 1947

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