Gratitude—Sure Passport to Heaven

Gratitude is inherent in that mental state which discerns God, good, to be All-in-all. It is a sure passport to heaven, for when one's consciousness is filled with gratitude, he is not easily swayed by animal magnetism—that unreal state of mortal thinking which supposes man to be separated from his divine source, wandering in an orbit of his own making. All the pains and troubles of mankind spring from this false belief. Gratitude, which refutes it, thereby opens the door to health, happiness, security, joy, harmony, and peace.

The dynamic power of gratitude becomes operative for good the moment we waken from the Adam-dream of life and intelligence in matter, and for the first time begin to understand man as having never departed from his original state of perfection as God's image or reflection. As this new birth takes place, we begin to discern the true life-purpose of Christ Jesus. Jesus' whole mission was to prove that man has never fallen from his high estate as a child of God, notwithstanding the testimony of the so-called physical senses to the contrary. Every healing performed by the Master bore witness to man's at-one-ment with God, good, and proved the unreality of what is termed matter or material law, expressing itself to false material sense in various forms of evil—limitation, sin, disease, and death.

"Life more than meat"
April 19, 1947

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