Some Thoughts on Class Instruction

Frequently at the Wednesday evening testimony meetings in Christian Science churches or in the written testimonies printed in our authorized periodicals students express their gratitude for class instruction; and many even look back upon it as the happiest event of their lives. What is it that makes class instruction in Christian Science such a fervently desired and greatly appreciated event? Is it not that, more than all else, it wakens one to the conscious enjoyment in a larger measure of the new birth, to the realization of the spiritual nature of man?

Class instruction should rouse human consciousness to the ever-presence and availability of the Christ-idea. It helps those who have it to gain a fuller comprehension of the one God and His manifestation, spiritual man, and of man's birthright of perfect freedom as a son of God. Is it any wonder, then, that most sincere seekers after Truth are looking forward to experiencing in due time the blessing of class instruction for themselves?

February 8, 1947

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