The Lighted Torch

There is light in the world today, inextinguishable light, to which men may look for guidance out of the falsities, the dark dreaming of mortality, into the full radiance of spiritual reality and immortal Truth. On page 202 of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" Mary Baker Eddy, writing of the redemption of the human race from its ills through the understanding of Christ and acceptance of the teachings of Truth, says, "For this glorious result Christian Science lights the torch of spiritual understanding."

To each student of Christian Science has been entrusted this lighted torch, which illumines not only his own way but the way of all those upon whom it shines. How can this light be kept burning undimmed and unwavering? First, by knowing its source and the quality of its light. Spirit, divine Mind, is the source of all true understanding, and one's individual torch is kept brightly burning by an understanding and acceptance of his individual at-one-ment with Spirit. What a glorious light! To know oneself at one with Life, which knows no death; at one with Truth, which knows no error: at one with Love, which knows no fear!

Gems and Pebbles
January 11, 1947

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