Coming to Land

What a joyful occasion it is when a ship enters its home port and comes to land! Passengers are welcomed ashore, and the officers and crew of the boat, having accomplished their duties, return to their homes and dear ones.

It is also joyful and satisfying when thought enters the haven of divine Love and comes to land, comes to rest in the confidence of the Father's power to maintain harmony and to supply all good. This coming to land after thought has perhaps traveled far upon the restless sea of human opinions and conjectures is true communion. John records the coming to land of a little fishing boat upon the Sea of Tiberias, or Galilee, after Jesus' resurrection. Perhaps the disciples felt lonely and discouraged without the presence of Jesus, who had stilled a storm upon this same inland sea and had walked to them upon the water, for their thoughts were depressed and they caught nothing.

Light on World Affairs
January 11, 1947

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