A recent conversation with a...

A recent conversation with a Christian Scientist brought out the fact that support of our periodicals includes writing testimonies and articles. When I considered that I have been a student of Christian Science for about twenty years, and have received help many times from reading the testimonies and articles in our literature, I saw that I had failed, by withholding expression of my appreciation, to pay a proper debt of gratitude to God.

I cannot begin to enumerate all the healings and blessings it has been my privilege to experience. A few healings, however, stand out as beacon lights. On a New Year's Eve over nineteen years ago, my wife and I stepped out of the house of the friends we had been visiting to find that the temperature had dropped exceedingly. As we walked I felt a click in one of my ears. I stopped and asked my wife if she knew what frostbite was, and at that moment I felt a similar click in my other ear. My wife looked at me and exclaimed, "Your ears are frozen." Immediately I mentally denied the testimony of the material senses and affirmed man's likeness to Spirit, God. We walked to a near-by hotel and took a cab home. I was scheduled to give a musical program at three o'clock the following afternoon. At nine in the morning both ears had become distended and swollen. I called a Christian Science practitioner, and she assured me that I would be in my right place that afternoon. By two-thirty the ears had become normal in shape, all discomfort had ceased, and the healing was complete. I gave my program as planned.

Testimony of Healing
Christian Science has brought...
January 11, 1947

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