Man Immune from Contagion

God is the divine Principle of the universe and of all that is in it, of all that in reality exists. God is the only lawmaker; therefore there is no so-called man-made law that can start an epidemic. There is no time for it to continue or abate, and no space for it to be in, since all space is filled with God. "God is love," we read in I John (4:16), and Love has no opposite. Love is infinite. Love expresses in man the infinite idea of wholeness, health, and perfection.

An instance which made me realize very clearly the omnipotence of God, divine Love, occurred some years ago. A warning had been sounded throughout the country of an epidemic of influenza. Great fear was expressed in the newspapers, over the radio, and in conversation. At that time I was very young in the knowledge of Christian Science. All the neighbors around me seemed to be suffering from this disease.

The Sacrament's Lesson
January 11, 1947

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