Man Is Never under a Strain

Man is the child or reflection of God. Because God is never under any strain, man, His reflection, cannot be. Human fatigue and weariness are not known to the perfect man, and Jesus commanded (Matt. 5:48), "Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect." Through spiritually understanding God and His work we can sufficiently demonstrate the perfection of man to carry out the tasks before us. This is the promise of Christian Science.

Christian Science starts from the very logical premise that God is infinite, omnipresent good. An infinite God means a God who is All-in-all. In the allness of divine perfection man exists as reflection. God is not Father and man His child in the sense that we think of this relationship humanly; that is, there is no separation of God and man into two independent beings. Rather do God and man coexist as the sun and the sunlight coexist. The sun does not originate little suns, but sunlight. It follows that man's action is always without effort on his part because it is God, Mind, who is ever causing man and his activity.

The Secret and Safe Place
December 21, 1946

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