Mind Hears

Through the study and application of Christian Science, one cultivates spiritual understanding and gains step by step the spiritual facts of being. False beliefs yield to spiritual understanding; and as this occurs, the human consciousness rises higher. Commonly accepted human beliefs, however, sometimes seem to linger in the thought of the student and remain unchallenged until some experience forces an issue, and spiritual enlightenment dispels the illusion.

Such was the case with a young student of Christian Science when the hearing in one ear became impaired. Since hearing with the other ear was what is considered normal, no great concern was felt and for a while no vigorous effort was made to use Christian Science to correct the error. But one day a situation arose which made it essential to hear with the afflicted ear. Then in deep earnestness the student turned to God for help. Immediately the realization came that Mind hears and Mind is not on one side only; Mind is on all sides, for Mind is infinite. A moment later, when words were spoken at some distance from the student and on the side where the hearing had been impaired, they came with almost startling loudness and clearness. Truth had corrected the false belief of defective hearing by revealing the spiritual nature of hearing as a faculty of divine Mind, entirely apart from any material organism, and healing resulted.

Religion and Childlikeness
October 6, 1945

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