Man's Inherent Capabilities

Today many who have been trained for specific trades, vocations, or professions have found themselves suddenly called upon to engage in activities for which they had had no previous preparation and which had formerly been considered wholly foreign to them. When these have been undertaken with confidence and assurance, born of spiritual understanding, success has been assured; but lack of awareness of man's God-given dominion has often engendered fear, distrust of ability, discouragement, and frustration.

To believe in man as material limits and circumscribes one's outlook; it dwarfs ambition and accomplishment. Material sense restricts and defrauds, for it depends upon finite mortal mind for its evidence. To understand that man is God's idea, the reflection of Mind, reveals undreamed-of capabilities, possibilities, and opportunities. Spiritual sense frees from limitations, restrictions, and deceptions, for it derives its evidence from unlimited divine Mind.

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October 6, 1945

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