How to Overcome Homesickness

The student of Christian Science knows that wherever his duty or his orders take him he can never be absent from goodness and blessedness. He knows and has proved and demonstrated in some measure man's oneness with his Father-Mother God. Having once proved it, he can prove it again. He knows that homesickness should not be ignored, but handled. It is a mesmeric suggestion of limitation, a belief that only in certain places and with certain persons can one be at ease and comfortable. What a travesty upon the revealed truth of the ever-present love of God!

The Christian Scientist denies that man is dependent upon location for his happiness—that he can be dependent upon anything or anyone except God. The divine Mind can never be absent or limited. Divine Love, good, fills all space. Wherever man is, there is the complete expression of Love; there are health, harmony, holiness. Did not Jesus say, "The kingdom of God is within you" (Luke 17:21)? And it is in the kingdom of heaven that the Christian Scientist expects to find home.

The Story of Promise
October 6, 1945

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