Is Happiness Beyond Your Reach?

Some years ago, a thoroughly lonesome young man stood at the crossroads of indecision and discouragement. He felt keenly the lack of many good things which are usually considered essential to happiness—satisfying friendships, worth-while employment, sufficient income—and overshadowing all was a deep sense of frustration because he had not been able to continue in the profession for which he had so long prepared. Again and again there crowded upon his thought the insistent refrain, "How unhappy I am!" Often, the dark fingers of despondency seemed reaching toward him. Being a student of Christian Science, however, he made at least some effort to ward off the evil suggestions which threatened to overwhelm him.

And then in the midst of all this struggle there suddenly flashed across his thought the startling question, 'Is God unhappy?" A moment of prayerful consideration brought the emphatic answer, "Certainly not," for he knew that Christian Science reveals the nature of God as divine Mind, the sum of all true intelligence and goodness. And this Mind must, perforce, be satisfied with its own all-inclusive harmony. He knew, too, that Christian Science reveals man as the expression, or idea, of this Mind, reflecting all the glorious qualities of his creator. Thus the young man came to the definite conclusion that happiness is a quality of Mind, God, which he could reflect independently of any human surroundings or circumstances. Moreover, he saw that discouragement and downheartedness have nothing to do with this all-present divine Mind; they are but suggestions of a false, carnal mentality.

January 20, 1945

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