Genuine Sympathy

How often we hear the remark, "Oh, I do sympathize with him for he certainly does seem to be having a hard time." While it would indeed be a poor heart that did not feel compassion for his brother and the desire to help him, yet too often such a remark brings before the thought a picture of a mortal overwhelmed by the relentless forces of mortal mind over which he seems to have little or no control. Sympathizing in this way can only serve to bind more heavily the load already resting upon the overburdened one.

Turning, as we are taught in Christian Science, to God and His idea for the solution of this problem, we read on page 102 of "Miscellaneous Writings" by Mary Baker Eddy, "The sympathy of His eternal Mind is fully expressed in divine Science, which blots out all our iniquities and heals all our diseases;" and she continues. "Human pity often brings pain." What we need, then, is true sympathy, "the sympathy of His eternal Mind," "fully expressed in divine Science."

Love That Heals and Unites
February 26, 1944

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