The season of Thanksgiving may bring to the minds of some, harvest thanksgiving festivals of earlier days, when churches were decorated with fruit and flowers, the air was laden with the fragrance of blossoms, the scent of apples and pears, and the finest of the earth's produce was displayed as a thank offering to God for another harvest safely garnered.

If today we pay less attention to the outward sign, the material observances of Thanksgiving, it is not through any lack of gratitude, but because, as Christian Scientists, we have learned to pay more heed to its spiritual significance. In the light of the teachings of Christian Science, gratitude is more than an expression of thanks for blessings received. Thanksgiving to God, the creator of all good, reaches farther than individual experience, for we learn that as sons and daughters of God we are surrounded on every hand with the amplitude of all that God has created. Joy and praise go forth in humble acknowledgment of the bounteous and unlimited store of spiritual blessings with which mankind has been endowed. Recognizing that "Spirit is the real and eternal; matter is the unreal and temporal," as our Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, declares on page 468 of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," we dispense with the outward sign and bring the fruit and flowers of spiritual ideas in praise and honor of the creator of all that is real and eternal.

"Loose him, and let him go"
November 18, 1944

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