This testimony is given with the...

This testimony is given with the special desire that it may be helpful to some of the many Christian Scientists who are serving in the armed forces of their country in the war against aggression.

Christian Science came to me when I was a boy of sixteen, through a friend who used to visit our home. Up to that time I had had no illness which might be called serious, although I had been subject most of my life to frequent bilious attacks and sick headaches, supposedly due to a disorder from which medicine had failed to relieve me. These attacks interfered with my boyhood's studies and pleasures, and were a source of much unhappiness to me. I had learned, however, from my friend something of God as Mind, and during a prolonged attack of the disorder, I resolved to put into practice what I had learned. I reasoned that the Mind which controlled the universe in perfect harmony certainly governed my real selfhood equally harmoniously. The realization of this truth healed me instantly of the disorder, and I have never suffered from it since. With it went the headaches and bilious attacks, while warts suddenly disappeared from my hands, and very painful corns fell at a touch from my feet. From this time my mother and I commenced to attend Christian Science services in our town, and for some years after this scarcely a headache suggested itself which was not dismissed with a single declaration of the truth.

Testimony of Healing
After reading so many beautiful...
June 26, 1943

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