A Modern Parable

Among the best-known and most instructive teachings of the Master are his parables. The stories of the prodigal, of the sower, and of the good Samaritan have been repeated and loved by generations of Christians, and have never failed to carry their messages of inspiration and deep spiritual meaning. The form which the Master found so effective may properly be used today by his followers, in all humility and reverence, as one of the best ways of teaching a spiritual lesson to humanity.

A modern parable might be something like this: Behold, the kingdom of heaven is like a man who had inherited from his father a rich estate. Before he had made formal claim to this estate, there came to his home a person of doubtful reputation who said to him: "This estate is not yours. You have been separated from your father for years, and he has long since disowned you. You may imagine yourself to be rich, but you are poor indeed." To this the man replied: "Every word which you have uttered is false. This birthright is mine, and I intend to claim it. My father would never disown me, no matter what may have seemed to separate us, for it is not in his loving nature to take away what he has once given. I shall appeal to the law of justice to give me my inheritance." .

"Power belongeth unto God"
June 26, 1943

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