Fidelity to Christian Science Brings Great Rewards

[Written Especially for Young People]

Rewards immeasurably abundant accompany a love for and practical understanding of Christian Science. Inexperience cannot stand in the way of the student who allies his thinking to the allness of God, however young in human years he may be. The very fact that he recognizes and adheres to the truth that God divine Love, is the only power, carries his every true endeavor through to a successful conclusion. Every truth that he thinks, utters, and acts upon brings its reward.

Michael never missed attending the Christian Science Sunday School. It did not occur to him to stay away, even when train and bus routes were so constantly blocked and traffic diverted during air raids on the London area. Frequently it took him almost two hours to reach his destination, but that neither deterred nor dismayed him. Smiling and triumphant at having overcome every obstacle in his path, he brought a sense of true determination and strength to his class every Sunday. And each time that his teacher welcomed him she uttered a prayer of gratitude and praise for the loyalty, fearlessness, and perseverance which prompted such faithful attendance in the face of so many human difficulties and dangers.

"Come and see"
May 16, 1942

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