Sunday School Notes and Comments

It has been helpful to one teacher not to yield to the temptation to answer a question hurriedly, but to pause a moment and let Mind speak through her.

The realization that every member of the class is an expression of Mind has been very helpful. This was beautifully illustrated one Sunday after earnest consideration of how best to present the value of church organization to a pupil who would soon reach the age of twenty. This pupil stated that her sociology class at the university had been asked to answer these questions: "Why have a church?" and, "Why not dispense with churches and let each individual worship as he wishes?" The teacher then asked if she thought the church was important. The reply was immediate: "Why, yes, many individuals united for a purpose can do more than one. For instance, if one working on a problem in a chemistry laboratory comes to a standstill, his classmates are there to help him." This showed the unity of purpose and helpfulness of church organization in a very simple way. Then the thought was brought out that the church organization provides for the correct teaching of children. It was also recognized that each individual has a distinct contribution to make to the organization, and that his service cannot be replaced by another.

Evil Has No Origin
August 2, 1941

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