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The Sunday services in a Christian Science church are indeed a spiritual feast to which those hungering and thirsting for a knowledge of the truth of being eagerly come. The singing of the hymns and participation in the Responsive Reading from the Christian Science Quarterly by the congregation are integral parts of the service. It is important, therefore, that each of those present should find available a Hymnal and a copy of the Quarterly which he can use, although it may sometimes be necessary to share them with another. Especially desirable is it that strangers should be provided for in this respect.

It appears that in some instances, in order to reduce the number of subscriptions paid for by a branch church and thereby effect a saving in expense, members are urged to bring their own copies of the Quarterly to the Sunday services. Frequently it is found that such curtailment results in disorder, unintentional discourtesy to guests, and an evidence of limitation for the services. Members of the congregation should be enabled freely to partake of the Lesson-Sermon, "a lesson on which the prosperity of Christian Science largely depends" (Church Manual, Art. III, Sect. 1). Thoughtfulness on the part of those responsible for arrangements in supplying a sufficient number of copies of the Quarterly and Hymnal for the use of the congregation will ensure proper facilities and will add greatly to the harmony and helpfulness of the service.

August 2, 1941

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