"They shall be all taught of God"

"They shall be all taught of God." These words, spoken by Jesus, are especially relevant to the Christian Science Sunday School. The spiritual fact thus indicated by the Master is demonstrated in the degree that both teachers and pupils keep it in thought and work therefrom. Together they study the Scriptures. They learn of the Father from the words of the prophets and of Jesus and the apostles. From the Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, they learn the practical, operative rules of Christianity. Parallel with their recognition of Truth is their disproof of the claim of error that there can be any opposition to it. It is clear that there can be no real opposition to Truth, for, since it is infinite, there can be no place outside infinity where opposition can exist. Thus the pupils learn to separate their thought from error, to release it from the limitations and perplexities of mortal mind, and to establish confidence in the unbounded possibilities of divine Mind.

The Sunday school is an integral part of the Christian Science church; and Mrs. Eddy writes on page 583 of Science and Health: "The Church is that institution, which affords proof of its utility and is found elevating the race, rousing the dormant understanding from material beliefs to the apprehension of spiritual ideas and the demonstration of divine Science, thereby casting out devils, or error, and healing the sick." The Christian Science Sunday School, then, is embraced in "that institution, which affords proof of its utility." This "utility" consists in the demonstration of Christian Science, in the actual casting out of error by the power of Truth. Ample basis for demonstration is provided by the Christian Science Sunday School curriculum, given in Article XX of the Manual of The Mother Church. The rules there given, consulted frequently and followed closely by both teachers and pupils, will result in an appreciation of the leadership of Mrs. Eddy and in obedience to the Manual. Both these qualities are fundamental to that state of consciousness which responds with alacrity to the revealed truth of Christian Science.

Embodying Good
November 22, 1941

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