The world may readily define co-operation as the united action of individuals working in a common cause; but it does not so readily manifest the ability to achieve such unity of action. For centuries men have sought ways and means to bring about the co-operation of individuals, groups, nations, and races for the common good, for the establishment of peace, justice, security, economic stability, and so on. But the centuries have brought higher civilization and human progress along many lines without bringing any greater outward evidence of world unity and co-operation than was apparent in eras past. Is it because the task is hopeless? Do wars and strife, unsolved problems of unemployment, human want, social and economic injustice, and ebbing moral consciousness indicate that there is no way to achieve the co-operation among men that would solve these problems?

We learn in Christian Science that the problem is not hopeless, and we give thanks to God that this is true. We perceive that humanity is groping for an answer to its needs without success, because it is groping in the dark wilderness of material sense. And it will not find either hope or freedom until it turns away from the enslaving belief of minds many to the one Mind, God.

Prayer—A Means of Spiritual Growth
August 10, 1940

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