The Sons and Daughters of God

[Written Especially for Young People]

Christian Science shows unmistakably that we are the sons and daughters of God. In Psalm 44 we read, "Thou art my King, O God;" and on pages 502 and 503 of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" Mary Baker Eddy writes: "There is but one creator and one creation. This creation consists of the unfolding of spiritual ideas and their identities, which are embraced in the infinite Mind and forever reflected. These ideas range from the infinitesimal to infinity, and the highest ideas are the sons and daughters of God." God is Father, and we are His children; therefore, as children of God—"The King of glory"—we are endowed with all the qualities of royal children—generosity, courage, beauty, ability, and love. Can we possibly be separated from the good our loving Father has bestowed upon us? He has not made man selfish or jealous, insincere or ungrateful. How our hearts sing with joy for this wondrous knowledge of our true selves!

Never need we doubt our sonship with God; but we do need to claim this sonship as practical in our lives. If a prince grew up in ignorance of his royal birth, of what use to him would be his princely heritage? Even if he became aware of his royal lineage, this knowledge would be worthless unless he claimed the heritage which was rightly his. So we, as God's children, daily, even hourly, must claim our divine sonship. We may not as yet always successfully do the works Christ Jesus called upon us to do, but we can be certain that as we claim our oneness with God no place will be found for vain ambition, personal popularity, or the vulgar display of material wealth and social position. If we wish to enjoy the status of His sons and daughters, we must be sure that our motives are right, and also that we wish to hasten the day when health, sinlessness, abundance, and peace will be enjoyed by all mankind.

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