Christian Science was brought to me over twenty-three...

Christian Science was brought to me over twenty-three years ago, when plans were being made to operate upon me for the removal of a goiter. Though I had been under constant electrical and osteopathic treatment, the condition had grown steadily worse. I had become nervous and ill, and breathing was difficult. At this time a relative suggested that I might find help in Christian Science. A practitioner was asked to take the case, and within the next five or six weeks every trace of the growth vanished. I was in better health than I had been for years. Nervousness, heart trouble, and recurring attacks of tonsillitis had also all been overcome. This was my first demonstration of the wonderful healing power of divine Love. Since then many beautiful healings and experiences have come to our entire family.

Through my own understanding of Truth, I was able to prove the unreality of a physical condition which presented itself some time ago. During some construction work in the home I stumbled, and fell onto some old boards which were full of rusty nails. One of these was forced deep into the flesh at the base of my right thumb. It occurred at a time of confusion and fatigue, and my first thought was one of resentment that the boards had been left in the way. Realizing that my thinking needed immediate correction, I endeavored quickly to clear my consciousness in order to open the way for healing; for, as Mrs. Eddy says in Science and Health (p. 346), "Material beliefs must be expelled to make room for spiritual understanding."

Testimony of Healing
Christian Science has been my only physician for over...
June 22, 1940

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