The Mirror of Divine Science

Christ Jesus used many familiar illustrations to help his listeners to understand the deep things of God which he was imparting to their dawning spiritual understanding; and in like manner his faithful follower, Mary Baker Eddy, employed a similar means to present her teaching. On page 301 of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" she writes, "Few persons comprehend what Christian Science means by the word reflection." To have a reflection, one must also have a mirror, for a mirror is that which throws back the image of whatever is in front of it. Mrs. Eddy uses the illustration of a mirror.

Most people use a mirror in order to ascertain whether or not they are measuring up to what custom or fashion demands of them, and the illustration is, therefore, one which is readily understood. A mirror reflects whatever stands before it, and there are certain laws governing the relationship of the object to the reflection. If the mirror is without flaw, it will give back an exact image of that which is in front of it. If it is distorted, so likewise will the image be distorted.

"All good for you His wisdom planned"
June 8, 1940

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