The Determining Factor

The supposition that it makes little difference what one thinks, so long as what he says and does meets the human requirements, is completely disproved in Christian Science. Thought is shown by this Science to be not only relatively important, but the determining factor in all experience. The Scriptural declaration concerning a man, that "as he thinketh in his heart, so is he," is shown to be a statement of fact for all men—a statement which, when understood and utilized in the light of Christian Science, becomes the means of liberation from every trouble.

Thinkers in many fields of human endeavor have observed that every experience is an experience of consciousness. They have recognized what indeed becomes obvious to anyone who considers it, that when one sees a mountain, for example, all that he is aware of is his consciousness of the mountain; that one can be aware of nothing but that which he entertains in his consciousness.

Item of Interest
June 8, 1940

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